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B-day Gift : Brach-Armored Zuria by nytemarezero300 B-day Gift : Brach-Armored Zuria :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 2 10 A Very Crappy Kingdom Hearts Comic by nytemarezero300 A Very Crappy Kingdom Hearts Comic :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 4 2 Art Trade: Ansem by nytemarezero300 Art Trade: Ansem :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 3 22 Unmarked and Forgotten by nytemarezero300 Unmarked and Forgotten :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 7 47 Action Cliches~~ by nytemarezero300 Action Cliches~~ :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 7 6 O.C. -- Caelan by nytemarezero300 O.C. -- Caelan :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 8 141 A Nice Toast by nytemarezero300 A Nice Toast :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 6 7 Left Hand Challenge by nytemarezero300 Left Hand Challenge :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 1 16 Playing with Water by nytemarezero300 Playing with Water :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 6 5 Her Solo Debut~ by nytemarezero300 Her Solo Debut~ :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 5 21 The World-Walker Quartet by nytemarezero300 The World-Walker Quartet :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 7 101 In With a YANG, Out with a BANG by nytemarezero300 In With a YANG, Out with a BANG :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 245 30 V-Day 2017 by nytemarezero300 V-Day 2017 :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 9 95 Gone Fishing by nytemarezero300 Gone Fishing :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 8 11 A Clash At Dusk 2 by nytemarezero300 A Clash At Dusk 2 :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 3 16 Emrys Line-art by nytemarezero300 Emrys Line-art :iconnytemarezero300:nytemarezero300 4 40

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B-day Gift : Brach-Armored Zuria
For :iconquote-j:

I think this also counts as my first Monster Hunter fanart o.o...

Hope you all like! and Happy Birthday dude!

Monster Hunter (c) Capcom

Zuria (c) :iconquote-j:
A Very Crappy Kingdom Hearts Comic
Read from Right to Left

Something I started a several months ago when 2.8 came out. My friends brought their game to the Student Lounge where we hung out and they were playing on critical mode. We all took turns playing through Birth by Sleep 0.2 and died so many times to the Demon Tide.

Crowning moment of Funny was the fact that our AI Companion Mickey kept healing us after we had already healed ourselves. and One friend got so fed up that when Mickey in-game asked, "You Ok", he responded "NO MICKEY, DO I LOOK OK?!" This very bad comic was created as the result of that.

It also shows you why I will never do Disney Fan Art. Ever.

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square-Enix and Disney
Mickey Mouse (c) Disney
Art (c) Me
Art Trade: Ansem
An art trade I did with my friend :icon4earedsenpai: for the hell of it. I normally don't do these kinds of things but they were looking for an art trade and so I decided what the hell, lets have some fun with it.

No relation to any other Ansems out there.

Ansem (c) :icon4earedsenpai:
Art (c) Me.
Unmarked and Forgotten
"Ghosts can't die again. They're already dead after all...

But the moment when everyone, even you, forgets your face... Forgets your name...

You'll forget your own existence and be lost.

Make them remember way... or another."

There is no truer death, than to be forgotten by everyone you knew.
Tagged by :iconnaughtykittydv-1992: to write about my Character Emrys:

....Well ok then!

1: Post these rules
2: Post 8 facts about your character
3: Tag 8 other characters
4: Post their names along with their creators Yeah...not gonna do those.

1.) Emrys is a young student who aspires to be chef and eventually take up his family's diner.
2.) He is a kind-hearted, and caring individual with a bit of a playfulness that he displays from time to time, teasing people around him.
3.) He moved into town at a young age after an incident that earned him a scar around the lower right hand side of his back.
4.) He loves Italian and French Cuisine, but thinks cooking French cuisine is the most difficult...and expensive.
5.) In his closet, he has 3 formal suits that he likes to wear, but doesn't like to put on. They take too long to dress in.
6.) Emrys is near-sighted, which means that while he can see things close to him, everything far away from him looks like a blurry mess.
7.) He has almost died once before, which is one of the reasons why his parents worry about him sometimes.
8.) Surprisingly, Emrys does have a girlfriend. He is with a young girl by the name of Yume ((c) :iconnaughtykittydv-1992:)) who gets very, very, very jealous and over-protective of Emrys if another girl attracts his attention...
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An avid hobbyist that does everything he likes to do with zeal.



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